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Aerosols – the newsletter of the WVPA. Containing all the latest news updates from branches around the world and reports on major events, conferences and congresses organised by the WVPA.

CoverPublished twice a year, PDFs of back issues can be downloaded directly from this site using the links below.

Editor's address
Prof. Dr Rafiqul Islam,
One Health ECTAD, FAO,,
Bangla Desh,

Avian Pathology

Avian Pathology is the journal of the WVPA. It is produced six times a year by the Houghton Trust Ltd., and is published by Taylor & Francis Ltd., London.

CoverAvian Pathology will consider original material relevant to the entire field of infectious and non-infectious diseases of poultry and all other birds, including infections that may be of zoonotic/food-borne importance. Subject areas include pathology; diagnosis; detection and characterization of pathogens; gene sequences; epidemiology; immune responses; vaccines; genetics in relation to disease; and physiological and biochemical changes that are in response to disease. Manuscripts reporting cases of naturally occurring disease must describe either new diseases or give significant new information about previously known diseases. The information should significantly enhance knowledge and understanding of the disease or pathogen.

Free online access from Vol.1 (1972)

Papers on food-borne microorganisms acquired during or after processing are not appropriate. Manuscripts describing the occurrence or morphology of unicellar eukaryotes and multicellular organisms, or which are essentially catalogues of microorganisms detected, are unlikely to be considered for publication unless they have a clear relationship to disease. First and subsequent reports of occurrence within a country of diseases well-recognized elsewhere will not be accepted unless they also include significant new information about the disease or pathogen. Manuscripts should report novel findings that are of interest to an international readership.

Avian Pathology publishes original research papers and occasional reviews. More information and Instructions for Authors can be found at

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(100 USD/year for six issues, hardcopy or online).

Members of WVPA who want to subscribe are asked to include a membership certificate which can be obtained from the Corresponding Secretary of the national WVPA branch or in the abscence of one from the Secretary/Treasurer of WVPA.

Further subscription details can be obtained from:
Taylor & Francis Customer Services, T&F Informa UK Ltd.,
Sheepen Place, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3LP, U.K.,
Tel: +44(0)20 7017 5544, Fax: +44(0)20 7017 5198,


Taylor & Francis Customer Services, Taylor & Francis Inc,
325 Chestnut Street, 8th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA.
Tel: +1 800 354 1420 (toll free calls from within the US)
or +1 215 625 8900 (calls from overseas), Fax: +1 215 625 8914,

or Online:

Information about submission of manuscripts can be obtained at or on the inside back cover of issues of Avian Pathology. Suggestions for review articles may be made to the Editor-in-Chief:

Prof. Janet M. Bradbury,
University of Liverpool,
Dept of Veterinary Pathology,
Jordan Bldg, Leahurst Campus,
Neston CH64 7TE,
United Kingdom