Forming a branch of World Veterinary Poultry Association

WVPA currently has 47 national branches as detailed in the list of the Corresponding Secretaries.

New national branches are normally formed in either two ways:

  1. An existing or newly formed national body representing veterinary poultry interests may ask the Bureau of WVPA to be recognised as a WVPA branch, with its members joining WVPA.
  2. A group of individual WVPA members in a country may join together to form a national branch. Such a branch needs to be approved by the Bureau of WVPA.

Only one national branch will be recognised for any one country, although regional sub branches of a national branch could be formed.

Any country with twenty or more WVPA members is entitled to one representative on the Bureau, elected by the national members. This Bureau member also acts as the Corresponding Secretary for that country. Countries without a Bureau member may appoint a Corresponding Secretary, or be represented by a Corresponding Secretary appointed by the WVPA Secretary/Treasurer. The duties of the Corresponding Sercretary are to maintain a contact with the WVPA parent body, to keep national members informed of all the WVPA matters which concern them, and to collect annual subscriptions.

Any person interested in forming a national branch of WVPA should write with details of the proposal to the WVPA Secretary/Treasurer, Dr. Francois-Xavier Le Gros, who will provide further help and information. Details of the functioning of WVPA are laid down in its Constitution and Rules.


Honorary Life Members

Ordinary Members who have given long and valued service to the Association may be elected as Honorary Life Members with retention of all existing membership rights.

Honorary Life Membership may also be conferred on members and non-members of the Association who have made distinguished contributions to avian science. Nominations for Honorary Life Membership shall be made to the Bureau by any member and if approved shall be put to a General Business Meeting for election by majority vote.

The following members have been elected as Honorary Life Members of the WVPA:

Year Name Country
2017 Dr Avishai Lublin Israel
2011 Prof. L. Stipkovits Hungary
2009 Dr Fathi Saad Egypt
2009 Prof. R. Jones United Kingdom
2009 Prof. Janet Bradbury United Kingdom
2007 Dr R. Witter USA
2007 Dr Rachel R. Bock Israel
2005 Dr E. Vielitz Germany
2005 Prof. J. Kösters Germany
2003 Prof. H. Woernle Germany
2002 Prof. G. Mandelli Italy
2002 Prof. O. Sigmann Germany
2002 Prof. G. Monreal Germany
2002 Dr B. Konwenhoven Netherlands
2002 Dr H. Lasher USA
2002 Dr A. S. Rosenwald USA
2002 Prof. Dr B. W. Calnek USA
2002 Prof. A. Zanella Italy
2002 Prof. G. Quaglio Italy
2002 Prof. S. Pascucci Italy
1989 Prof. L. Kozic Yugoslavia
1987 Prof. Dr A. Devos Belgium
1985 Dr H. J. L. Mass Netherlands
1983 Dr T. Jordan United Kingdom
1983 Dr Fritzsche Germany
1977 Dr W. McKay United Kingdom