WPVA awards and travel grants

The WVPA has the following Awards

Award Applications

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WVPA Travel Grants

The WVPA has monies available from which it can provide travel grants for members. Grants fall into two categories –

  1. For attendance at WVPA meetings (for which an announcement is made with a deadline by which application has to be made)
  2. Travel associated with any other educational purpose

Grants are intended to assist members to attend meetings and other educational opportunities which, without the grant, they would not be able to do. Grant applications must be submitted on the official form. In the case of repeated applications the WVPA reserve the right to offer a reduced grant.

Grants for attendance at WVPA meetings will only be paid personally to the recipient at the meeting.

Application Form

The Houghton Trust International Travel Grants

For details of the Houghton Trust International Travel Grants CLICK HERE

Avian Pathology Lecture Award
sponsored by The Houghton Trust

On the occasion of each World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) Congress, the Houghton Trust sponsors the Avian Pathology Lecture (formerly the Houghton Trust Lecture), which is given by a young scientist, preferably not more than 45 years old, who has made major contributions to the field of poultry disease research.

To mark the occasion, the Lecturer is presented with a certificate and an engraved commemorative award. All costs of attending the Congress at which the Lecture is given are met by the Houghton Trust.

Nomination for the Avian Pathology Lecturer

The next Houghton Trust Lecture will be given at the WVPA Congress to be held in Bangkok in September 2019. Nominations can be made in two ways:

  1. By the Corresponding Secretary of a National Branch of the WVPA
  2. By an individual member of the WVPA.

In either case, the nomination must be on the form available for download HERE.


  • Potential candidates may not nominate themselves
  • The maximum age of candidates is preferably not more than 45 years old at the time of the relevant congress
  • Unsuccessful candidates may be re-nominated on a subsequent occasion, provided they still meet the necessary requirements

Dr Francois-Xavier Le Gros
Merial, Lyon Gerland Laboratory
254 rue Marcel Merieux, BP 391
69007 Lyon, France

The Officers of the WVPA, after due consultation, will make a short-list of SIX candidates, which will then be forwarded to the Grants Subcommittee of the Houghton Trust, who will choose the Avian Pathology Lecturer.

Past winner of the former Houghton (now Avian Pathology) Lecture Award

Year Name Country Topic
2017 Dr Mark Stevens UK
2015 Dr Dieter Liebhart Austria Histomonosis
2013 Dr Filip Van Imerseel Belgium Necrotic enteritis
2011 Dr Erica Spackman USA Viral diagnostics
2009 Dr Pete Kaiser United Kingdom Avian immunology
2007 Dr Amir Noormohammadi Australia Mycoplasmas
2005 Dr Ilaria Capua Italy Avian Influenza
2003 Dr Vladimir Zelnik Slovakia Marek's disease
2002 Dr Khatijah Yusoff Malaysia Newcastle disease
1997 Dr Isabelle Kempf France Mycoplasmas
1993 Dr Paul Barrow United Kingdom Salmonellosis

The Avian Pathology Asian Lecture

Sponsored by the Houghton Trust, the Avian Pathology Asian Lecture is presented at the WVPA Asian meeting

The Avian Pathology Asian Lecturer is selected by the Houghton Trust following consultation with the WVPA

Previous lecturers are listed below

Year Name Country
2014 Prof. Dr Md Rafiqul Islam Bangladesh
2012 Assoc. Prof. Dr Thaweeksak Songserm Thailand

The Bart Rispens Research Award

The Dr. Bart Rispens Research Award (BRRA) was established in 1973, in memory of the Dutch poultry veterinarian. The goal of the Dr. Bart Rispens Memorial Award Fund, an initiative of his former colleague Dr. Henk Maas, is to honour the great contribution of Dr. Rispens to the control of Marek's disease.

Marek's vaccine CVI988, which was developed as part of the research of Dr. Rispens, is successfully used to prevent Marek's disease in poultry all over the world. The vaccine had been made available to the vaccine industry free of charge only because of the attitude of Dr. Rispens towards commercialisation of research subsidised by the government.

The Award will be given biennially to the first author of the best paper published in the WVPA journal Avian Pathology during the two calendar years preceding the WVPA Congress. The recipient of the Award is elected by the Dr. Bart Rispens Research Award Committee, which includes representatives of the Board of the WVPA, a representative of Avian Pathology, a representative of the corporate sponso,r MSD Animal Health, and four other appointed scientists.

The Bart Rispens Award for the best paper in Avian Pathology in 2015-16 and is supported by MSD Animal Health was won by Dr Remco Dijkman

The Award consists of a medallion, a certificate and a monetary award. Further information about the Award can be obtained from the Secretary of the Award Committee, Prof. Dr. H. M. Hafez (hafez.mohamed@vetmed.fu-berlin.de).

Previous winners of this award are listed below.

Year Name Country
2017 Dr Remco Dijkman Netherlands
2015 Dr Kylie A Hewson Australia
2013 Dr Kyung-il Kang USA
2011 Dr A. Feberwee Netherlands
2009 Dr J. S. Baigent United Kingdom
2007 Dr D.E. Swayne USA
2005 Dr R. Raue Germany
2003 Dr W. J. M. Landman Netherlands
2001 Dr A. A. Olkowski Canada
1999 Dr J. Ignjatovich Australia
1997 Dr L. D. Bacon USA
1995 Dr D. Benčina Slovenia
1993 Dr K. J. Fahey Australia
1991 Dr M. Goryo Japan
1989 Dr B. E. Engström Sweden
1987 Dr K. A. Schat USA
1985 Dr D. Cavanagh United Kingdom
1983 Dr R. L. Witter USA
1981 Dr V. von Bülow Germany
1979 Dr B. J. McFerran Northern Ireland
1977 Dr C. A. W. Jackson Australia

The WVPA-Zoetis Young Poultry Veterinarian Award

This Award was launched in 2012 and is presented annually to a young (less than 35 years old) poultry veterinarian who is seen to be a credit to the profession, who is an ambassador and a communicator and who would be seen as a worthy winner by all sections of the poultry industry.

The Award is judged by a panel of members of the WVPA and is led by the President of the WVPA. This panel shall have a broad base and be balanced in its composition. The Award is generously supported by Zoetis. The recipient of the Award receives $US5,000, which is to be used to attend scientific meetings in order to further develop their professional knowledge.

The WVPA Young Veterinarian of the Year Award is presented at the WVPA’s biennial congress and at the WVPA Asia Meeting in the intervening years. Details on how to apply are notified to all national branches of WVPA, announced in the media and placed on the WVPA website.

download form

Previous winners of this award are listed below.

Year Name Country
2018 Dr Mary Talatu Angani Nigeria
2017 Dr Gowthaman Vasudevan India
2016 Dr Dennis Umali Philippines
2015 Mr Maximillian Sim Kwang Hui Malaysia
2014 Mr Adrian Knoetze South Africa
2013 Mr Philip Hammond UK
2012 Dr Kelli Holloway Jones USA

The WVPA-Boehringer Ingelheim Innovation in Vaccination Award

This Award was launched in 2015 and is awarded at each global WVPA Congress to a poultry veterinarian or avian health scientist for an outstanding contribution in the field of innovation in poultry vaccination.

The Award is judged by a panel of representatives from WVPA and Boehringer Ingelheim and is chaired by the President of the WVPA. The recipient of the Award receives €5,000 to help fund his/her ongoing professional development or training as well as a suitable memento of the occasion.

The WVPA-Boehringer Ingelheim Innovation in Vaccination Award is presented at the WVPA’s biannual global congress and in intervening years at the WVPA Asia Meeting. Details on how to apply are notified to all national branches of WVPA, announced in the media and placed on the WVPA website.

This award was previously known as the WVPA-Merial Innovation in Vaccination Award.

download form

Previous winners of this award are listed below.

Year Name Country
2017 Prof. Dr Nikolaus Osterrieder Germany
2016 Prof. Dr Mohd Hair Bejo Malaysia
2015 Dr Siba K Samal USA