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Avian Heath Online

Avian Health Online™ is a specialist and interactive online course for veterinarians working in the general poultry industry worldwide.

It is presented by the University of Melbourne and the Poultry Disease Research Centre, University of Georgia, USA. Students who enrol for the MAHM program starting 2013 and after will receive a co-badge degree by the Universities of Melbourne and Georgia.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Avian Health can be completed with one year of part-time study, and the Master in Avian Health Medicine (MAHM) can be completed over three years, part-time. The Postgraduate Certificate is under consideration for approval as a dual badge degree awarded by both UGA and UOM from 2013.

Course information

Avian Health Online is an online program specifically designed for poultry veterinarians working in all aspects of the poultry industry worldwide.

Postgraduate Certificate in Avian Health (PGCAH)
  1. Unit 1: Poultry Industry Field Work
  2. Unit 2: Poultry Pathology and Diagnosis of Disease

Master of Avian Health and Medicine (MAHM)
  1. Unit 3: Microbiology and Serology: Disease Control
  2. Unit 4: Product and Public Safety, Trade and Economics (Poultry)
  3. Unit 5: Advanced Studies in Poultry Diseases
  4. Unit 6: Avian Health Online: Research Project

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Important dates for 2014

Note: For entry into the course, Unit 1 is only on offer in Semester 1 each year

2014 Cohort Semester 1 Semester 2
Application due date 31st October 2013 n/a
Enrolment due date 21st February 2014 21st February 2014
Semester start date 24th February 2014 18th August 2014
Semester end date 20th June 2014 5th December 2014
Examinations 16th and 17th weeks of each semester

World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH)

If you would like to invest in your future by deepening your knowledge and skills in specialized areas of poultry health and production, then participate in the high level training programs offered by the World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH), a non-profit organization in collaboration with the World Animal Health Organization (OIE).

The course masters (teachers) of the WVEPAH are internationally recognized experts in their fields. The training they offer is organized in structured programs generally consisting of 3 successive courses of increasing level (I, II and III) offered within a period of 2 years.

Level II courses include the module: “regulatory” taught by representatives of the OIE.

While the courses are offered at different locations and in different languages, their core content remains the same.

Participants finishing the second level obtain an OIE certificate. Completion of the third level can lead to an international master’s degree, subject to the rules and regulations of the University of Luxemburg.

The WVEPAH programs can be used as a foundation for working towards a formal postgraduate qualification such as a certificate or master’s degree, subject to the rules and regulations of the University of Luxemburg. Such qualifications will be validated by the OIE and thus internationally recognized.

Our WVPAH programs represent a springboard for highly motivated poultry health professionals. Join the international community of experts in poultry health and production by participating in the WVEPAH programs!

If you have any further questions concerning admission criteria and fees, please do not hesitate to write at or visit